Facts that Make us Unique

Maximum 10-12 students

Groups with maximum 10-12 students. You will not be exhausted with a overloaded and unproductive groups. İf you are in a group of 25 people, it is one of the most important points that makes your learning process unproductive because of waste of time, complicated situations and you feel so tired at the end of each session. We offer you max 12 individuals in a group which is more likely effective in your preparation period.

Tutors are only certificate holders

Lessons are taught by only member and charterholder lecturers. It will give a better understanding of the topics and its implementation in real cases. We offer you a real professionalism with the merge of knowledge and experience.

Internship and job offer opportunities

Internship and job offer opportunities for students who passed exams with high mark. This is one of the most important facts that makes us uniqe. We do not just offer you preparation seminars, but also opportunities to be offered for internships and job titles in reputable and prestigious companies in Azerbaijan. Imperial Academy will be your reference and you will be recommended by our Academy to our partners as a potential candidate for vacancies.

Building network

Service with the highest number of tutors who are only ACCA members in Azerbaijan. İt will provide you with a professional atmosphere and network in finance world.

Individual approach

Individual preparation methods and schedule for students according to their potensial learning skills. İt will provide you with the right learning strategy and save you time to learn more productively